Pest Prevention Tip for Your Music Studio

The recording studio is the hang-out of musicians when they are not out on a gig. It is the creative space where talent and technology meet. All-nighters are common, and when people work overtime, it is usually accompanied with food. Often, the crumbs and leftovers are left until the next day attracting pests, such as ants and roaches. Worse, mice may join in the pest club and start gnawing on wires and equipment.

The first step in keeping pests out of you recording studio is to keep your environment clean. Bear in mind that they are in your studio for a reason, not to create music, but because there is an overflowing supply of food. Cut their food source, and they will leave. If the pest infestation goes out of hand, you can seek the services of a professional pest control company to eradicate the pests.

We do not have to look further for an example because we experienced it first-hand. The machine room in our studio in Charlotte got took over by a mice colony. We had been lazy and did not mind the food scraps from our evening snacks. We did not even notice it until we saw nibbles in some of our wires. Luckily, the damage was not massive.

But, it sprung us to action and called a pest control company to help us get rid of the pesky mice before further damage is done. They promptly removed the pests, and we vowed never to eat in the recording studio anymore. If you need pest control service in Charlotte, we recommend the company we contracted. You can view website to know more about their services and to schedule a visit.

We also think that more infestations could occur in home recording studios especially when it is situated in the garage or the basement. Since these areas are usually not well-ventilated, you need to ensure that there are no leaks that can damage your soundproofing materials. Too much moisture can also harbor molds that are dangerous to our health.

Minor changes in your habit can prevent pests from coming to your studio. As mentioned earlier, it would be advantageous if you do not eat inside the studio. However, if it cannot be helped, have the discipline to clean up. Wash your utensils, wipe the tables, clean the floor and dispose of your garbage properly. If you have carpet, make sure it is cleaned regularly. Your garbage receptacle should also be tightly secured and if possible, stored away from your studio. Pests could still be attracted to your place if your garbage is not covered adequately.

Another thing, you should store your equipment properly. Dispose of excess boxes and packaging materials. You should neatly roll your wires as well. Keeping an organized storage area will leave no hiding space for critters. It will also make the room easy to clean and help you find the things you need faster.

In the end, it boils down to discipline and good housekeeping. You will notice that you can accomplish more and your head is clearer when your working space is not cluttered and pest infested.

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