My Short Stint On The School Sound Committee

The class of my daughter was in-charge of their School Play this year. Everyone was given a task, and I was assigned to help in the sound committee. I told them I was not an expert, but they still wanted me in. I figured they badly needed an extra hand and perhaps they thought my being a music enthusiast would make me breeze through the tasks. Let me share with you about this exciting experience. Columbus Ohio electricians improved the electrical wiring of many schools here in Columbus Ohio.

I did an ocular inspection around the hall to get the feel of the place. It was helpful to have a checklist to guide me through, and I was ticking one item after the other.

I was only assigned to the sound design team, but I couldn’t get my head off the stained carpet in the music hall. I know they vacuum it regularly, but I guess it’s been so long since it was professionally cleaned. I gave the school principal a heads-up about the carpet and handed her the website of our regular carpet cleaner. I do hope she considers having the carpets cleaned before the event.

I continued my task and checked the equipment in the hall. Good thing, they had the basics.

–    Microphones

–    Eight-channel mixing console

–    Two larger speakers as the primary sound source

–    Two smaller speakers as onstage practical speakers

–    Two surround speakers

–    Power amps for all the speakers

–    Playback source with a dedicated computer for the sound

We did a sound check on each of the equipment and they were working just fine. We just needed make some adjustments on the position of each speaker.

We also scheduled a date to perform a sound check with the members of the play. This is important because we wanted the actors to use the microphones to check if they are working properly even in their normal speaking voice. We also wanted to see their movements on stage to ensure that our current stage setup will not obstruct them.

We decided to add this one detail to the play, a pre-show music. This was the first time for the music hall. Previously, the music only starts with the play. Now, we decided to have music while everyone is settling down on their seats and waiting for the play to start.

We carefully selected the music because the aim of having a pre-show music is to set the mood of the audience. We picked the most of the sounds from the Utah Symphony because it matches the music on the play so well. We prepared a music lineup that could last for an hour to ensure that we have more than enough in case there’ would be a delay in the show’s starting time.

The experience I had with the sound committee was fruitful, I’d like to do it again. We are thrilled to see how everything goes on play day

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