Concern over Wind Instruments and Pesticide

We make sure to keep the instruments protected from damage during long periods of inactivity, so we get the storage room treated with pest control chemicals like pesticides and whatever keeps vermin away. But there was a concern over instruments that requires contact with sensitive areas like the lips, with pesticides being incredibly poisonous and all that; a valid concern that required us to contact the Pest Control Company Bethlehem we employed to do the treatment. The advice to not use any instruments recently exposed to their pesticides, and to thoroughly clean those that are cleared for use.

The company did note that they have done everything to make sure that the application would be safe and would not cause anything troubling. But it is important to be extra careful when it comes to poisonous chemicals like their pesticides. The best solution is to reduce direct contact during the treatment of the area, through placing it in a case or any protective waterproof covering. Removable parts like the mouthpiece should be placed elsewhere or replaced upon use, just as a precaution if possible.

It is important to keep your instruments protected and preserved, but at the same time remain safe to use upon the next time your need to; practicing precautions and care when unsure of the matter.

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